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Become an Alpha Male with the Tao of Badass

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am sure many of us guys have gone through hundreds of advice with regards to dating women. There are many so called gurus out there that hand out tricks and pick up lines and don’t really get into the detail on how to actually self-improve.  The Tao of Badass does just that, it helps males gain self-confidence in not only the dating world, but it also teaches you how to become a better friend and if you are married, a better husband.

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Joshua Pelicer techniques are mostly psychological and practical common sense. However, most guys don't know this and it is being kept secret by women all over the world. In fact women would not like the idea that their psyche has been breached to the extent that males now have access to them like never before. If you thought you needed good looks, a fancy car, alot of money, well you thought wrong. When Joshua Pelicer discovered this, he was broken down, had no money, no fancy car and he was practically sleeping on the streets after being pushed over by his ex girlfriend. 

What does the Tao of Badass do for guys that other books do not?

It teaches you how exactly to act and not react to situations. It empowers the male to thrive forward with confidence and improve their own understanding of the women psyche. Ever saw the movie "What women wants" Starring Mel Gibson? If you ever wanted to have the power to enter a woman's mind, this is the system that will show you how exactly to do it and with just the first day alone, you will be shocked on the contents inside and will want to put it into practice the more you read it.

What is The Tao of Badass?

This intense dating coach system іѕ designed tо help thе average guy make life changing alterations tо himself in order to beсоme thе confident man thаt gеts what hе wаntѕ іn life: thе girl. While not еxасtlу a self-help system, it iѕ also nоt ѕоme quick-fix pick-up line guide; it’s more practical than tactical. The tao of Badass system includes а well-researched and written, comprehensive eBook and videos that touches оn tons of topics suсh as: 
  • The patterns оf success with women and hоw yоu cаn hone your skills to repeat thеm wіthоut sounding cheesy 
  •  Making eye contact and hоw important thаt іѕ to exuding your confidence 
  •  The importance оf body language and hоw women pick uр on it 
  •  Overcoming уour fear of approaching women Passing аll thе littlе “tests” thаt women throw at us durіng firѕt meetings аnd future dates (yes, they constantly test us) 
  •  Ways tо tеll if а woman іs attracted tо уou ѕo уоu knоw when she’s ready fоr уоu to seal the deal  

What women do not want?

Here is the thing about women guys do not know. Women do not want a push over in their lives, in fact they want a strong male with confidence. One of the secrets Joshua teaches you is to avoid reacting to situations that may lead most males into the trap of being pushed over by women in general.

What else do you learn?

  • How to turn a women on with just a few or no words
  • How to self improve
  • How to be a confident independent male that women loves.
  • How to actually make women approach you
  • The Secret to Body language
  • What you should say in order to get rid of your rivals easily and win over your mate.
  • What physical appearance you should work on so you can boost your confidence level and attract more women.
  • How you can easily work your way out of the dreaded friend zone.
  • Learn the steps necessary to meet and date a woman.
  • Understand and read the body language of a woman and to use it to your advantage.
  • Reveal the techniques to becoming the most loved one in the eyes of women.


When getting this product you also receive a bonus of four eBook for free:

  • Monogomy vs. Poligamy eBook
  • Never Get Cheated on eBook
  • Escaping the Friendzone eBook
  • Guide to Breaking Up

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